_Qualifications :

_Art Direction
_Visual Language



I’m a San Francisco-based communication designer, recreational photographer, and part time ceramic artist. Meeting new people keeps me refreshed and
I’m also a road warrior.

With two years of art direction experience working in my studio in China, 
I always have a strong passion for anything involving design. I believe that great design can WOW people by putting meaningful ideas upfront.
 In my dictionary, the design process is a fun journey that delivers not only the right message but also great ideas. As a team player and communicator, I believe that working with people is an effective way to spark new ways of thinking. Strategic thinking, comprehensive research and powerful expression are the pillars of a functional and good design.

If you are curious about my work, interested in collaborating, or would just like to say hi—feel free to get in touch!

Downloadable Résumé [PDF].